“I know this is going to sound crazy, but Thursday night, I saw Old Man Gilford burying something in his cornfield.” The police sergeant appeared unimpressed and kept writing in his daily log. “You think I’ve lost my marbles, I know it, but Sergeant Kelly, I’m right. He was in the cornfield with a shovel […]

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The stench was distinct, a mixture of formaldehyde, bleach, and death.  The cold, damp concrete floor was unforgiving against Stephen’s bruised body.  He was wearing only shorts now, once they had been full-length pants, but now torn off at the knees.  His shirt was missing, and his pain was unbearable from the beating received just […]

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Introducing JJ Hershey

Welcome inside the mind of JJ Hershey. Locked in a small, windowless room in Central New Jersey (an area some say equals the legend of the Jersey Devil, and doesn’t exist), Ms. Hershey slaves laboriously over a hot keyboard creating a cauldron of spells and magical combinations of extremely long run on sentences which well […]

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